Text Problem

Entered text overlays show up as “Deleted Media” when projects are reloaded/reopened, even after hitting “Save”. Seems like a recent problem, as in just the past couple days. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same outcome? Any support would be appreciated. TIA.

All my students are having the same deleted

text issue working on their final project for the semester.

We are also having this issue. It seems like the static text has those deleted media messages popping up. Text with motion is displaying no problem.

Hi @michael.abramczyk. Our support team has passed along info that this issue was a bug that occurred earlier today. The bug has been fixed and new text overlays or edits to the timeline should now be working as usual and not appear as deleted media. Unfortunately, existing text will not be reverted so you will need to go to your history and use a previous version to view the text that was coming up as deleted media. If you need further support in this, email support@wevideo.com and they will help you asap. Thanks!

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@joshua.yankell @chris.2 Wanted the both of you also to be pinged about the resolution of this issue. As I mentioned above, please either let me know or email support@wevideo.com if more help is needed.

Thank you, @ryan.kochevar. Really appreciate it! Will definitely relay this to our students.

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We had the same issue at Westerville Central High School. We were told to go back into version history… But, obviously that would undo all the editing we’d done to videos. We deleted the text and started over with text slides. But our tech admin worked with WeVideo to prevent the issue from reoccurring beforehand.

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